Assignment #2

Individual Assignment – Flipping the Classroom

Step 1. On your own, you will review the journal articles and video below that discuss the biological effects of cellphone usage and the possible link to cancer.160_F_66379174_tRyzdLD0nHH2abeWJs6Gz7Wf5cdFQOm9

Step 2. Briefly respond to the questions below.  Submit your answers via email by no later than 12pm midnight April 13th to the Instructor at

  • Compare and contrast the research data presented in the two articles and the video.
  • Do you think cell phone use is hazardous to human health?
  • Based on your research of the topic, are you going to avoid using cell phones in the future? Why or why not?

Step 3. We will discuss this topic in class on April 14th so be prepared to share what you have learned as well as your personal thoughts with the class.

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